Thursday, December 25, 2008

We almost missed the Health Care : KPMG -CII report

We did .. dint we ?

So here is Big Question - How many of you guys read the India Health Care marketing report released by KPMG ?

No , I am not talking about the press article on the release of such a report . I am talking about reading the actual report. I bet , you haven .. All busy with your own life - job, family, gf, bf .. all that stuff..

But you should have ..

Why ?

First check if you have a good health care insurance. If you don't , then may i suggest you get it immediately .. ASAP .. check Star Health Life Insurance or Apollo DKV, LIC or better still, pick Outlook Money mag and they have some good info to help you chose . Recession or no recession. That is no excuse for not getting a well covered health insurance policy.

You don't need a more better reason than that .. like duh! ... It is you health in question here ..

But, here is the Big Idea : you should know where India stands in the Health Care sector. If not for humanitarian reason, but then why not look at it with a corporate eye ? Health Care in India is a un-organized sector . But here is the catch. It is more lucrative than than next-big-thing Retail Sector which hogs the media floodlights almost everyday .

why aren't we more concerned on health sector as much as we care about the retail boom in the horizon?

Don't ever forget that following sectors are completely recession proof , any day :

  • Health Care/Hospital Management
  • Integrated PR ( Marketing and PR with Social Media)
  • Doctor
  • Education ( this includes teaching)

It would do us good if we can help in anyway to do something for the health care sector in India . You may be a IAS officer, a marketing professional, PR specialist , web designer.. any profession. Just do you bit ..

See ya around ..

Meanwhile , read the report here :

Health Insurance Inc, The Road Ahead - 2008

News report here :

Health Insurance Inc- The Road Ahead KPMG - CII report

Will write more on Health Care management soon here ...

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