Friday, December 19, 2008

Read Paul krugman for simple economics

Listen, don't read Paul Krugman because he won the this years Nobel for Economics. For commoner people like you and me , whatever he wrote and published on trade theory based on Keynesian concepts will go way out of head.So don't read him because he won the Nobel prize.

But if you still show bravado then I suggest you read Adam Smith's "Wealth of nations", Karl Marx "Das Capital" and John Keynes " General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money" . By the time you finish any one of these books. At least one , you will hate economics from the depth of your heart. Economics is not for faint heart-ed or for the non-receptive sapiens.

Read becasue he writes some really good economic stuff in very simple words which is easy to understand and contemplate on.

He is very much against the policies of Bush Government . And rightly so. But when you read his articles you would definitely understand the policies followed by the US Govt and inf act discuss and debate about it with your friends and peer group and claim you say in it ..wont that be simply great ?

He regularly write for New York Times and they get are published in The Hindu news paper.

You can read his articles here - Paul Krugman Column

He is a question for you -

We all know what the Madoff crisis is all about. But have you noticed the word "ponzai" in the articles on the issue? Have you ever wondered what "ponzai" means ?

Food for thought, no ?

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