Friday, December 12, 2008

The Big Bad US recession - where did Ivy league gards go?

Enough has been written,discussed, debated on the US recession, failure of I banks and now the assured bankruptcy of the world's top auto mobile companies.
Even India is feeling the heat of this recession . follow the Sensex if you don't know what I am saying ...

But correct me if I am wrong. the world's best I-bank's ( Freddie & Mae, AIG, Bear Stearns ) and Auto companies ( Ford, Chrysler, GM) hired from world's best Ivy B schools. right ? These grads from Harvard, Standard, MIT, IIM, IIT,Kellogg are considered the best minds in business and technology.

How come these guys didn't get a whiff of what's happening or what was about happen? I mean, look .. the stock market guys are like watching the NASDAQ 24x7, the US policy makers ( all having Goldman Sachs background) kept constant watch on the stats and trends everyday . at least, thats what they are supposed to do and supposed to be good at ..

So what went wrong? does that mean, all the best education the world can give, the best money can buy is for nothing ?

why ? The best answer is that while they made tons of money occupying their position , they simply failed to do the job.

I would rather do my management degree in a normal to decent college, get a respectable job , get a decent salary to lead a good simple life, keep my family safe and happy and do all that i can to the society and be happy forever.

what do you guys think ?

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