Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 5 business news about India which you should have read but dint anyway...

I am a sucker for The Hindu and Business Line. I believe that they give us some of the finest and incisive writings/articles on news, politics, business and economics related to India.

Here is a list of 5 news articles which you should have read today but dint because you aint bothered and thought it is too cumbersome. Still, you should know what is happening around you, right ?

From The Hindu :

Article 1 :From U.S. sub-prime to global economic crisis

Reason you should read :

  • It is the extension of my previous post "Is India still in recession?" .

  • You get to read about the global financial outlook.

  • You will get to know about news terms : Decoupling theory in economics and Current Account Surplus. In case you dint know what Decoupling theory is then allow me to oblige :

Decoupling theory( courtesy : world wide web) - "decoupling refers to the ability of an economy to grow without corresponding increases in environmental pressure. In many economies increasing production (GDP) would involve increased pressure on the environment. An economy that is able to sustain GDP growth, without also experiencing a worsening of environmental conditions, is said to be decoupled"

From Business Line :

Article 2 : RBI sells $20.6b in Oct

Reason to read :

You will know what is the funda behind Forex Reserves and why RBI buys dollars to curb inflation in the country

Article 3: Textile cos top distressed list for corporate debt recast

Reason to read :

  • You will read about orgin and functions of Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) cell of India.

  • Also try to infer from the article why Textile is most hit sector in the country today. You don't have to be an economist ..just use your logic.

Article 4 : Foreign Investors cannot afford to avoid India,says analysts.

Reason to read :

  • The article's headline says for itself.. India growth story is still on track and things will turn positive soon.

  • Also read to know why India cannot escape from the global economic crisis and yet stand firm without any major hiccups because India's low dependency on U.S for business and exports.

Article 5 : Welcome moves but room for more

Reason to read :

An good editorial on the Fiscal Stimulus Package

Did you know ?

  • All countries put together have provided fiscal and monetary worth around $6 trillion (3 lac crore) - six times the size of India;s GDP ( you will read it in one of the article here).

  • 25 US banks have gone bankrupt since the start of the year ?

So can you tell me how Indian banks have filed for bankruptcy? or even close to it? In fact, pvt and public sector banks like HDFC, Bank of India, Axis Bank, LIC are getting to go in for a hiring spree.. ( check yesterdays : Times of India)

You know what i would say at the end of this article ... India is not going into recession . India has very strong economic fundamentals , though it is reeked with corruption and problems with implementations.

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