Monday, December 15, 2008

And now I have address Sania Mirza as Dr Sania ..

Sani Mirza was recently awarded the honorary Doctorate degree by the M.G.R University, Tamil nadu. Does that mean I have to be extremely venerate when I address her as - Dr Sania ?

You got to be kidding me right? I don't understand why such a well known university in Tamil Nadu had to confer such an title to her ?

Sure, she is the "icon" for women in India. She has achieved a "lot" .. and all that . But does she really deserve it ?

Let us recall her claim to fame for a min :

  • On February 12, 2005, she became the first Indian woman to win a WTA singles title.
  • Won the silver in the women's singles category and the gold in the mixed doubles - 2006 Doha Asian Games with Leander paes.
  • Her career best results was her career during the 2007 summer hardcourt season, finishing eighth in the 2007 U.S Open Series.

And then we have the controversies over her "tight" and " modern dress" sense, her opinions on sex before marriage ( let me be fair , i completely agree with her on this )and her sudden declaration (threat) that she would quit appearing for tournaments in India,starting 2008.

And who can forget the juicy gossips and behind the alley whispers of her alleged relationship with Shahid Kapoor. Add to that is her numerous and now almost fading brand endorsements. I don't see anything spectacular about her or her achievements on or off the field. Do you?

Brings the question right on my face : does she really deserve this title ?

“When I started to play tennis, I wanted to be a doctor. I had to choose between tennis and being a doctor and I chose tennis. Now, thanks to MGR University, both my dreams have come true,” said tennis star Sania Mirza, when she was conferred with the degree of doctor of letters by MGR Educational and Research Institute University, here on Thursday.

Like I am going to believe that she had dreams to become a doctor and chose tennis instead... In your dreams , babe !

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