Friday, January 4, 2008

My house in Wi-fi

My house is wi-fi zone:

…that’s right! I recently converted my house into a Wi-fi zone.
And it’s fun to work /browse sitting at any corner of my house.


Unknown said...


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Just want to know your opinion about the Social Networking.
I have posted a blog on it and making a presentation.

It will be great, if you visit my blog and give your opinion about the same, so that i can imbide it in my presenation.


Div Rathore said...

Quit showing off!! I can roam around in my entire place WITH a cable internet line. But that's mainly cos i live in a dingy 10*10 feet room. lol.

PS- can't even afford that 'luxury' now, my internet line was disconnected due to non-payment of dues several months back.